Remote Session recording for your music

New to 2021. Spider in his recording studio can remotely provide you with world class harmonica playing for your own music. With over forty years’ experience playing folk, blues, pop, singer songwriter, jazz, rock and country music he has the chops for your record. He will be delighted to discuss your vision. Or you can just leave it to him and his experience to add tasteful harmonica. 

“the contributions of the harp player were very tasteful (keys were good too, but I thought the harp was excellent” Bruce Iglauer legendary CEO/Founder of Alligator Records

“informed harmonica playing, adding atmosphere and filling spaces where spaces need filling” Roots Time Belgium 

Rates & information 

Spider will record two takes per track. Then give you two digital files in a standard format such as: wav file, 24Bit, sample rate 44100, mono. The audio files will have no effects or eq. Price per track £100.

Please get in touch with Spider, to discuss and hire him by using his contact me page