1. Get Shit Done

From the recording Celticana

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4 – Get Shit Done

There’s a postcard on my wall
Says get shit done
Get shit done is what I ought to do
Who knows what awaits you
When tomorrow comes
Who knows what waits out there for you

There are things I’ve been putting off
Things I need to do
The years they’ve come and gone all too soon
History comes too soon
For you to understand
It’s much too fast to hold it in your hand

In your hand

I keep burying my head in the sand
To shut out all the noise
It’s easy to feel like I don’t have a choice
I’m burning with that yearning
For things that I don’t have
I’m trying my best not to go completely mad

I’m going mad

You better give yourself some room to roam
You’ve been feasting on that honeycomb
Come on down from off your throne
You’ve been feasting on that honeycomb

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